New Smashglam Boutique Collection





Designed in New York, our New Boutique Collection is inspired by the most diverse and vibrant decade in the history of fashion.  Eclectic Spirit embodies the retro boho-glam vibe of the Seventies and the iconic disco Studio 54. 

These new pieces are created with semi-precious stones and crystals which alongside their beauty and sparkle have been known throughout the ages for their healing properties.

Our Isla Choker and Pearl Choker are both made from hematite which has historically been used by native healers to ground and protect. It is believed to strengthen our connection with the earth, boost self-esteem and survivability.



Freshwater pearls have long been associated with love, charm and beauty and are said to endow the owner with luck and protection.


Our Ocean beads bracelet stack is made from Turquoise which has been used by ancient doctors to prevent injury and as a general good luck charm to protect the wearer from danger.


Check out our new Boutique Collection here >





Hope you love all the pretty pieces!

Helen xx

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